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Download Kingroot apk Android Application

Download Kingroot apk Android Application
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kingroot apk download

Kingroot Apk Download

Kingroot is basically a application which is used for the purpose of rooting android devices. Kingroot is available for both Android & Windows but here we will provide you with the android app. Download kingroot apk. Kingroot is basically developed by a bunch of young developers interested in the underlying system of mobile device. So if you are looking for Download kingroot apk, then you are at right place. Here we will provide you all information regarding downloading Kingroot App, installing kingroot android app and also uninstalling the apk. Download kingroot apk from below links.

Download Kingroot Apk Latest version Android:

Here are all versions of Kingroot available:

KingRoot Application all Version Download link
KingRoot V4.1.0 21-05-2015 Download
KingRoot V4.1.0 03-07-2015 Download
KingRoot V4.5.0 22-07-2015 Download
KingRoot V4.5.0 02-09-2015 Download
KingRoot V4.5.2 28-09-2015 Download
KingRoot V4.6.0 13-11-2015 Download
KingRoot V4.6.0 23-11-2015 Download
KingRoot V4.6.2 24-11-2015 Download
KingRoot V4.6.2 11-12-2015 Download
KingRoot V4.8.0 21-01-2016 Download
KingRoot V4.8.0 03-02-2016 Download
KingRoot V4.8.1 29-02-2016 Download
KingRoot V4.8.2 09-03-2016 Download
KingRoot V4.8.5 30-03-2016 Download
KingRoot V4.9.0 21-04-2016 Download
KingRoot V4.9.0 09-05-2016 Download
KingRoot V4.9.2 12-05-2016 Download
KingRoot V4.9.2 30-05-2016 Download
KingRoot V4.9.2 03-06-2016 Download
KingRoot V4.9.3 06-06-2016 Download
KingRoot V4.9.3 14-06-2016 Download
KingRoot V4.9.5 2016_07_05 Download
KingRoot V4.9.5 26-07-2016 Download
KingRoot V4.9.5 28-07-2016 Download
KingRoot V4.9.5 03-08-2016 Download
KingRoot V4.9.6 26-08-2016 Download
KingRoot V4.9.6 06-09-2016 Download
KingRoot V4.9.6 18-09-2016 Download
KingRoot V4.9.6 28-09-2016 Download
KingRoot V4.9.7 18-10-2016 Download
KingRoot V4.9.7 25-10-2016 Download
KingRoot V4.9.7 08-11-2016 Download
KingRoot V4.9.7 11-11-2016 Download
KingRoot V4.9.7 14-11-2016 Download
KingRoot V5.0.0 16-11-2016 Download
KingRoot V5.0.0 23-11-2016 Download
KingRoot V5.0.1 15-12-2016 Download
KingRoot V5.0.2 13-01-2017 Download
KingRoot V5.0.1 20-01-2017 Download
KingRoot V5.0.4 13-02-2017 Download
KingRoot V5.0.5 06-03-2017 Download
KingRoot V5.0.5 13-03-2017 Download
KingRoot V5.0.5 21-03-2017 Download
KingRoot V5.0.5 31-03-2017 Download
KingRoot V5.0.5 21-04-2017 Download
KingRoot V5.1.2 19-05-2017 Latest Download


Kingroot Features and Requirements:


First lets Talk about the features of Kingroot: 
One Tap Root:

Kingroot will quickly root your android phone with just one click and will save you from the complicated manual process of rooting.

Purify App:

Kingroot also allows you remove the unwanted system apps which comes preinstalled when you buy your mobile. It also allows you clear cache and manage battery aswell.


Now lets talk about the requirements: 
Internet Connection:

Kingroot needs a stable and high speed internet so make sure it is available.

Battery & Backup

Also, make sure you have taken backup of all important data and their is sufficient battery left in your mobile.


Prior to everything make sure your smartphone has a unlocked bootloader else it might not work.

How to install Kingroot Apk Android



  1.  First of all download the kingroot apk from the links mentioned above.
  2. Open kingroot application and let it install on your smartphone.
  3. Incase you encounter any error whilst installing, make sure you have enabled unknown sources option in settings.
  4. Incase you haven’t then do this Settings>Security>Unknown sources.
  5. After enabling unknown sources the apk will be installed successfully.
  6. Now open kingroot on your smartphone. Now tap on the blue button.
  7. Now wait for few seconds, it will finish loading.
  8. After it has finished rooting you will see a green symbol.
  9. It indicates that your device has been successfully rooted.

How to uninstall Kingroot apk Application

  1. Open kingroot app and tap on right gear icon.
  2. Now select remove root authorization in settings option.
  3. After you select it will load and there will be a pop up saying in progress.
  4. Wait for it to complete and after it finishes, you have successfully completed uninstalling kingroot app from your smartphone.


Hopefully you liked our article on downloading kingroot application latest version free. Incase you aren’t able to download kingroot apk from above please comment below.

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